Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Chamber Sealer machines and Suction Sealer machines?

A Chamber Vacuum Sealing machine requires the whole bag be placed within the chamber. Once a bag is placed inside the chamber, a lid is brought down over it removing any air from inside the chamber. Once the air is removed, a heat bar is used to seal the bag. Due to the nature of a Chamber Vacuum Sealing machine, it is idea for sealing soups, beverages and any other liquids.

A Suction Vacuum Sealing machines are also known as Countertop (or Edge-style Sealer). These sealing machines are typically used by households are they are typically compact and inexpensive. Unlike a chamber vacuum sealing that removes air from the entire chamber, a Suction Sealing machine will only remove air from the bag. Since the machine sucks air through the open end of the bag, it cannot be used to vacuum pack liquids. In addition, Suction Vacuum Sealing machines require a special textured or embossed bags that consists of channels to draw the air from.

Can I use any bag for my Suction sealer at home?

No. Suction Vacuum Sealing machines require special textured bags (embossed bags) to draw air out of the bag from. 

How long will vacuum packaged food last?

The shelf life of vacuum packaged food will vary depending on the type of food. In general, vacuum packaging will extend the shelf life by 3-5 times.

How soon are orders dispatched?

Orders placed online are shipped within two business days.

I've ordered the wrong bag. Is it possible to return/exchange the bags?

Unused products that can be put back in its original packaging are eligible for exchange or return within 14 days. Please contact Customer Service to obtain a Return Authorization Number.